On Tuesday 29th March, Helen JacksonFiona Kenny & Amey Haywood, of Bush & Co took part in our Wheels at Work fundraising challenge by spending a day at work in a wheelchair to help raise vital funds towards spinal cord injury research.

Commenting on their challenge, Spokesperson Carly Johns, said: "Through our work with catastrophically injured clients we see each and every day the challenges people face following a spinal cord injury and the perceptions and barriers they come against in terms of their physical health, mental health and their everyday lives. We hope that sharing the experience of Helen, Fiona and Amey throughout the day will continue to shine a light on the needs of people with a spinal injury.

"We also hope to raise vital funds to further support the work of Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research in key research projects focusing on such debilitating conditions for people with a spinal cord injury."

A big thank you to the whole team for getting involved. We hope you enjoyed the experience, and thank you for choosing to support us.

If your company would like to take part in Wheels at Work, find out more here.