Here is a selection of our Published Research:

Priority Settings Partnership Lancet

Abnormal cutaneous flexor reflex activity during controlled isometric plantarflexion in human spinal cord injury spasticity syndrome 

An update from the PEPSCI Collaboration to identify service-user defined research priorities for paediatric spinal cord injury.

Clinical Trial of the Soft Extra Muscle Glove to assess orthotic and long-term functional gain following chronic incomplete tetraplegia:  Preliminary functional results 

Eye-tracking computer systems for inpatients with tetraplegia: findings from a feasibility study

Lower-limb exoskeletons for individuals with chronic spinal cord injury:  Findings from a feasibility study

Pan European Paediatric Spinal Cord Injury (PEPSCI) Collaboration: Preliminary service user defined research priorities from the UK and Spain

Treatment of Rat Spinal Cord Injury with the Neurotrophic Factor Albumin-Oleic Acid: Translational Application for Paralysis, Spasticity and Pain

Stigma and Self Management:  An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the impact of chronic recurrent urinary tract infections after spinal cord injury

Sensory function after cavernous haemangioma: a case report of thermal hypersensitivity at and below an incomplete spinal cord injury.

Uro-Vaxom® versus placebo for the prevention of recurrent symptomatic urinary tract infections in participants with chronic neurogenic bladder dysfunction: a randomised controlled feasibility study

Women's Experiences of Sexuality after spinal cord injury

Women's Experiences of Sexuality after spinal cord injury: A UK perspective