Peter Apps                                                                              Peter Apps Journalist

Peter was one of the founding members of Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research (SMSR) and recently moved to an Ambassador role.  Injured on an assignment in Sri Lanka, Peter became a tetraplegic, bringing new perspective to his life. Peter has many interests and is a widely respected commentator on risk in all its forms, working with Thomson Reuters. In addition to his voluntary work with SMSR, Peter is actively involved in his local community and is currently standing as potential parliamentary candidate for Vauxhall and elsewhere. You can read more abut his work by visiting his Facebook page here .

Ralph Charlwood 

Following a mountain biking accident in 1997 Ralph, then a young Chartered Surveyor, went on to complete his MBA during which he undertook a  secondment to a company that he subsequently joined, and set him on a career change into real estate finance.  He later became involved in growing a start-up business which was then sold enabling him to become financially independent. Ralph is involved in various hobbies and is a supporter of SMSR's research into tackling key complications of spinal cord injury that can impact on quality of life.

Nikki Emerson Nikki Emerson

In June 2008,Nikki was involved in a car accident whilst driving back from university,  crushing her T10 to T12 vertebrae which led to paralysis from below the middle of her back. After a week in intensive care, she was transferred to Stoke Mandeville National Spinal Injuries Centre and after a period of rehabilitation returned to Oxford to finish her degree. 

After graduating, she went on to represent Great Britain on the track, alongside working in Commercial Negotiations at the London 2012 Olympic Organising Committee. She currently works as Business Development Manager at Premier League.

Ali Gibson

Ali sustained a spinal cord injury in 1996. She went on to study at the University of Nottingham and graduated with a first class honours degree in Psychology. Ali values peer support and maximising the outcomes of rehabilitation following spinal cord injury and other long-term neurological conditions. 


Nick Hutton 

Nick, a Copy Writer at TBWA London, sustained a high level spinal cord injury more than 25 years ago,  He was one of the original founding Trustee members and has recently moved from this to the role of Ambassador.  He is a strong supporter of the research that SMSR is involved in.