This year, do more in '24 and take part in our 24in24 fundraising campaign!

You choose your challenge, whether it's getting sponsored to do something for 24 minutes a day or 24 hours over a month, or simply donating £24 (that's just £2 a month!) and support our life changing research into the health complications of spinal cord injury (SCI). 

Or are you (or your business) celebrating turning 24 in 2024? Then why not set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram in lieu of presents!

Whatever you decide to do will raise vital funds to help the 100,000 people in the UK living with SCI.

How to get involved

Each month we will be posting different tips for inspiration on how to have fun, get fit, or try something new whilst fundraising - and if these aren't for you, then check out our other fundraising ideas!

To find out more or get started with your fundraising, contact us by emailing [email protected]

Spring into action and take on a FUNdraising challenge!

May marks Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Awareness Day taking place on Friday 17th! This is a great opportunity to tie in with any fundraising you do this month so why not use one of the below ideas to raise the profile of the day even more!

  • World Baking Day (17th) - the perfect excuse to arrange a cake sale at work, school or with friends. If you're feeling adventurous you could organise your own Bake Off event - ask for donations to enter the competition and also to purchase one of the creations to take home and enjoy at the end of the day!

  • Host a quiz - If you run a local pub quiz or are part of a quizzing team, we invite you to host a May-themed quiz night for us and the best bit is, we'll provide you with the questions!

  • Para Athletics World Championships (17th - 25th) - the world's premier para athletics event established by the International Paralympic Committee is held every 2 years. They aim to connect the excitement of the Paralympics and the growing interest in para-sports to the next generation, so why not organise your own mini-athletics event or school sports day to coincide with the championships. If the weather is dry (!), you can lay on a BBQ and bar as well to boost your fundraising from the day.

  • International Tea Day (21st) - for all you tea lovers, this could be the perfect fundraiser for you! This month celebrate the worlds love of tea drinking by organising an afternoon tea event! Guests make a donation to come along and enjoy a cup of their favourite brew with sandwiches and scones! You could also arrange a tea related quiz for everyone to get stuck into! 

  • As part of National Walking Month, get active and take part in a walking event. With the days getting longer (and hopefully warmer!), it's a great time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. If an organised event isn't for you, you could exercise for 24 mins each day for 24 days and fundraise while getting in shape for the warmer months ahead!  

  • Chelsea Flower Show also takes place this month (21-25), so why not mark the worlds greatest flower show with your own flower arranging fundraiser! Invite your friends to come along and show off their artistic talents as they design their own floral displays, whilst enjoying refreshments all in return for a donation. You could even arrange a competition with prizes donated for the most impressive creation!

    • F1 Monaco Grand Prix (26th) - create your own version of the Grand Prix by arranging a fun go-karting day for family and friends or work colleagues. Encourage teams to enter and compete against each other for the winners trophy whilst raising vital funds to support those living with SCI.

    • Gardening services - after the long winter, gardens are in need of a good tidy up, so offer your time and gardening skills to mow lawns and weed those overgrown beds! See if you can recruit 24 customers throughout the month to boost your fundraising!

      • Spring clear out - why not have a good declutter of all those clothes and unwanted items lying around the house. You can then sell them at a local car boot sale and donate the proceeds to your fundraising. Or get together with your friends and host a clothes exchange. Everyone donates a set amount to come along, bring their unwanted clothing and swap them for something they love instead! 

      • Give it up - give up something you love for the month of May and get your friends and family to sponsor you! Or you could choose to personally donate what you would have normally spent on your favourite tipple or treat throughout the month. If you can't manage the whole month, then why not aim for 24 days to tie in with our 24in24 campaign!