We are delighted to announce that in their own 10th year, Framework Digital, based in Aylesbury, has signed up to our 10th Anniversary Ambassador programme, as we continue to push towards achieving our £100,000 target for 2023.

The web design and development team are passionate about getting involved in raising awareness of spinal cord injury and the importance of funding research, and will be supporting our special year with a number of fundraising activities celebrating accessibility and inclusivity, including a Wheels at Work fundraiser at their offices on Walton Street on September 29th.

Commenting on the partnership, Rebecca Attridge, Communication & Media Assistant at Framework Digital, said: "On the day, we will replicate everyday office tasks such as making tea and coffee in the kitchen, using the printer, or simply going to the toilet. Are the mugs accessible? How easy is it in our office? Negotiating wheelchairs in a working environment can be a challenge for many, by testing our working environment we help to raise awareness on challenges spinal injury brings every day."

She added: "We are so happy to be part of Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research’s 10th anniversary fundraising. Look out for more details of how we rate our workplace accessibility and how we experience inclusivity on our Wheels to Work day on Friday 29th September. As a flexible employer working in a new building hub we have good expectations.

"Framework Digital are evolving. We are rebranding to reflect the kind of company we are and the work we do. We are an ethical and accessible website design company, committed to helping our clients to understand the process and make it easier for all organisations to gain their new online presence. Local to Aylesbury, we have strong roots with local authorities, charities and businesses, providing websites and advice for all."

Find out more about why they got involved in supporting our 10th year here.

We are very much looking forward to working with you!

Huge thanks as always to our wheelchair partner Gerald Simonds Healthcare.

About Framework Digital

Framework Digital are a digital marketing agency with an office based team in Aylesbury. They are a team celebrating their 10th anniversary just like SMSR, and are happy to share not just this milestone, but also values such as accessibility and social responsibility, being heavily involved in the local community. Their servers run on 100% renewable energy making them a Green hosting provider. They provide web design commercial clients and charities Like Florence Nightingale Hospice, Action for A-T, The Clare Foundation. As Google Partners, they welcome change to online presence for the better.