Sophie Shane, Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research Ambassador, talks to us about life with a spinal cord injury.

 How does a spinal cord injury affect daily life when it comes to health and wellbeing?

"Because I can’t feel parts of my body, I have to pay more attention to the areas I can feel to try to pick up if there’s something wrong. Any unusual spasms or intense nerve pain could mean I have a UTI coming on or even something as simple as my shoe's too tight on my foot!"

 How has living with SCI enabled you to stay on top of your #EverydayHealth?

"I take extra care with what I eat so that I manage my weight and my bowels can be more predictable."

 #EverdayHealth bugbear is....

"#dislocatedhips #lowbloodpressure #nervepain."

 What are your top tips for #EverydayHealth for SCI people?

"Take D’mannose supplements to help prevent a bladder infection. It really helps me recover from my many bouts of infections."

 #EverydayHealth matters for SCI people because....

"All the small things affect us more."

 What people don't know about SCI..... 

"That we are more resilient than people realise. All of us have survived something and we are stronger for it."

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