Today, Friday May 17th 2024, Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research has joined forces with eight other spinal cord injury charities and organisations to raise awareness of spinal cord injury (SCI) and the 100,000 people in the UK living with SCI according to new figures.

Did you know?

 - 4,400 people are diagnosed or injured with a spinal cord injury every year*

 - The total size of the UK SCI population is now believed to be 100,000, and not 50,000 as previously thought*

 - Approximately every two hours someone sustains a spinal cord injury - that's 12 people every day*

Charities including Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research, Spinal Injuries Association, Spinal Injuries Association Scotland, Spinal Research, Backup Trust, Wheelpower, Aspire, Horatio's Garden and Regain have all come together to raise awareness of the daily issues, and challenges, facing SCI people.

How we are helping

Through the research we fund year-on-year, we are proud to be making a significant contribution towards improving quality of life for people with SCI so that they can get on with living life to the fullest.

#Source NHS data sources, including National SCI database and the UK Rehabilitation Outcomes Collaborative (UK ROC). This information has been kindly shared with us by the Spinal Injuries Association.