Join us in 2024 by taking part in our 24in24 fundraising campaign!

This year, we're asking our supporters to do more in '24 to help us raise vital funds and support our life changing research into the health complications of spinal cord injury.

You choose your fundraising activity, whether it's getting sponsored to do something for 24 minutes a day or 24 hours over a month, or simply donating £24 (that's just £2 a month!). 

Read more here where you will find lots of ideas on how to get involved and have fun, whilst raising funds to help the 50,000 people in the UK living with spinal cord injury.
24 minutes a day doing this…
or 24 hours in a month doing that...
24 cups to brew for your mates
or 24 pounds to lose from your waist
24 miles to run, walk or skate
or 24 quid each month to donate. 

Whatever you do will help in so many ways so don't waste a second and sign up today!