We would like to fundraise for Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research as my Great Nana recently fell and broke her neck. She is now paralysed from chest down and has very little control of her arms and no control/feeling of her legs. Her life has changed very quickly, she can no longer feed herself, use a toilet OR keep in touch with her family and friends. She is waiting to be moved to Stoke Mandeville Spinal unit to progress her recovery.

To raise money I am completing a sponsored bike ride, 121 miles over 3 day. This is about 40miles a day. The most i have cycled is about 25miles so it is going to be a good challenge! I will be camping overnight inbetween. If you are able to sponsor me please do and if you can share this link even better.

My Great Nana Law was a highly active and independent lady who has a love for her garden and she was very sociable by being part of many local community groups including bowls and Rotatory Club. She gave up her time to support others in her community, one of which was knitting for her local hospital. It brings us much sadness to see her have to give all this up, especially her independence. Even though she has been through all of this, she still has this incredible strength to remain positive and extremely determined! Every day she is fighting to become more independent! Me and my family admire her strength and resilience and we are behind her all the way through her recovery. This charity mean so much to her and us as it gives us hope that if not today then in future we might be able to help people recover from spinal injuries. We thank you in advance for your sponsorship and support. Jacob Read