On January 17th 2022, my dad fell down the stairs at home and received a C6 injury. He was paralysed from the chest down. In May 17th he was transferred to St.Andrews Ward at Stoke Mandeville Spinal Injuries Unit for rehab. During his time there he was looked after by a multi disciplinary team of specialists. Every single member of the health team and domestic team were outstanding and made his stay there comfortable and at ease. They collectively kept him in high spirits and worked hard to rehabilitate him so he could come home.

Unfortunately my dad became unwell. Sadly my dad passed away on 20th September.

As a thank you to Stoke Mandeville Spinal Injuries Unit, I would like to request that donations are made to the spinal injuries research unit in place of funeral flowers.
This is something he would have very much wanted. The funds will go towards research to help present and future patients at the Spinal Injuries Unit.
My dad was an amazing person and was so loved and looked up to by family and friends. His passing will have an impact on all our lives. He will be missed for sure.

Thank you for your donations.

Kim Hastings