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Unfortunately, last October our Dad had an accident and is now paralysed from the chest down. Although our Dad hasn't complained once (!), he has inevitably suffered complications as a result of becoming paralysed; just a part of his everyday reality and of the 50,000 other spinal cord injured people living in the UK.

We want to help raise money for Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research, an independent, national charity seeking to promote quality of life in people with spinal cord injury (SCI) through research. They work closely with the National Spinal Injuries Centre Stoke Mandeville (where Dad is currently receiving care) and their vision is to enable people with spinal cord injury to have life after paralysis without the setbacks of debilitating health complications, such as neuropathic pain, pressure ulcers and urinary tract infection.

Spinal cord injury can happen to any one of us and in some cases can happen in a split second. It is life changing, but the results of fantastic research can also be life changing. Anything you can donate will help those with SCI and their families live the best lives possible. You'll be helping make such a difference.

Thank you so much x

Billy, Sean, Dom, Dan, Rachel, Patrick, Joe, Rob and Ricky