Earlier this year artist and polymath Davey Jose unveiled his first exhibition 'Living with spinal cord injury' at the National Spinal Injuries Centre.  The 18 oil on canvas collection inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, depicts amazing images of the body and a personal perspective of what it feels like to live with a spinal cord injury with the emphasis on Hope, Strength and Recovery.  The exhibition was filmed in Virtual Reality (VR) to allow visitors unable to see the collection in person - to be able to view them in 3-D VR on The Infinite Art Museum StreamVR store. The short film has now been selected in the VR Film Competition at BIAF, Korea 201

Davey was just 2 years old when he was knocked over by a car and sustained a C1/C2 incomplete spinal cord injury.  Art has played a major part of his life.  Here he explains the motivation for his exhibition:

"Medicine and art have a long history together - going back hundreds of years.  I thought that it would be interesting to draw influence from this but also infuse my own personal experience visually rather than just depict pure anatomy. Over a period of 6 months in my spare time I painted 18 oil canvases that look at both the out and inside of the human body.  The first part of the series is a set of 12 canvases which look at the internals of the human body - focusing on the spinal column and other organs that are impacted due to the complications of the spinal injury.  The inspiration came from the many x-rays I've seen while at the spinal unit growing up.

The second part of the series takes 6 iconic paintings by well known artists and juxtapositions disability through them wearing orthotics like h neck collar, body braces, head supports, hand splints or tracheostomy I've had to wear over the years.

I took really well known portrait paintings from Da Vinci, Basquiat, Vermeer, Van Gogh, Klimt and Picasso - it was my way of normalising disabilities visually.  I wanted to use the series to show that it's ok to be different.  We should embrace our differences."

Click below to watch Davey's VR short film