12 January 2021

Dear all,

Many of you will be wondering why Rosalba remains in Puerto Calero, Lanzarote rather stretching her legs at sea and across the ocean.  The answer is that I returned to the UK just before Christmas, to see Harriet & Aidan and the family to the extent allowed, and have not been able to return.  I ran into the new quarantine obligations by one day, so spent ten days in isolation in Wales, managed to return to London but then the nature of Christmas changed for all of us. Early last week I was booked to fly direct to Lanzarote, but that flight was not permitted. The next flight on Thursday with Iberia, for which I had a letter in Spanish from Lanzarote explaining the circumstance, backed up by a negative PCR test and compliant Spanish Health Form, saw a number of us not being allowed to board the aeroplane. Only Spanish passport holders and some with residency papers made it onto the flight.

My aim remains to return to Lanzarote as soon as it is allowed but of course circumstances and both the UK and Spanish rules remain difficult.  Disappointed…. yes, but many, many others face harder challenges, so continued patience is the watchword.

Hopefully, there will be more positive news before too long to share with you.

Best wishes to all,