29 November 2020

Dear all


So, since arriving in Punta Delgada on 11 November, with local help from Patrick, Frank, Diego and electrician extraordinaire Helder and a box of spares, including the hydraulic mast jack sent from Hamble, the keel control and main forestay issues have been resolved. 

Helder has removed the cockpit buttons from the electronic system which controls the hydraulic pump moving the canting keel. Going forward I will rely on the panel of buttons at the chart table, below in the dry. Hopefully, no more unasked for movements in the keel!

We used the mast jack to lower the rig 40 mm, so allowing a new super strong toggle to be fitted attaching the forestay to the deck fitting.

However whilst the new J2 sail - the workhorse of the sailplan-has been made in just two weeks by One Sails, the news today is that because of C19 travel complications it may not be here for at least another week.

Disappointing,  but there it is.

I am using the time to attend to other, smaller issues highlighted by the severe gale encountered on the leg from Plymouth.

Hopefully, I shall be able to resume sailing in about a week.  Once we have the new sail to replace that destroyed in the gale I will make a short test sail before heading Rosalba's bow south once again.

Meanwhile we have another three days of North Atlantic winter gales to contend with, ensuring Rosalba is safe in the marina.

Stay tuned.


Best to all,