We’re excited to announce some positive and promising results from two of our funded studies:

FIGS - Feasibility study of Intravesical Gentamicin for treatment of Urinary Tract Infections in SCI

This study explored if putting gentamicin - a common antibiotic - directly into people’s bladders can reduce the number of UTIs they get. Following very positive results (an 84% reduction in UTIs) the research team have applied to the National Institute for Health Research to fund a larger, multi-centre trial. If successful, this could pave the way for the treatment being made available more widely, including on the NHS.

PAIN PREDICT – Using Electroencephalography (EEG) to predict Neuropathic Pain in people with SCI

The group have previously shown that EEG techniques can predict whether an individual will develop neuropathic pain, with an average accuracy of 80%. This study has used an updated larger dataset to refine and validate this model and is a key step towards developing a clinical diagnostic tool and future treatments that may help prevent pain from ever occurring.