August 9 update: I will be doing both the 1km run and 3km cycle with my electric wheelchair, with space policy researcher and amateur boxer Theodora Ogden kindly doing the 150m swim on my behalf. Really looking forward to what should be a fantastic day.

Sixteen years ago, I broke my neck in a frontline car crash as a young reporter covering the civil war in Sri Lanka. Waking up paralysed from the shoulders down, I was terrified as to what my life might look like for the years and decades to come.

In the years since, however, I’ve kept reporting from the world, also becoming the most disabled person ever to rejoin the British Army as a part-time reservist, called up for 13 months during the Covid-19 pandemic. Spinal cord injury doesn’t stop life moving forward, but it does bring a range of challenges.

That’s why I’m taking part in the Marvel Superhero Triathlon at Dorney Lake on August 20, joining three other amazing wheelchair users to raise funds for Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research. SMSR isn’t looking for a cure – there are other charities for that – but it is laser focused on tackling the real issues that can make or break life for people like me.

Everything you give will go to our research programme, tackling pressure sores, urinary tract infections, neuropathic pain and how to live longer, healthier lives. That makes a real difference to me and people like me, and every penny is appreciated!

Capt Peter Apps, July 2022

Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research